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Parish office

Millennium Village Hall, Moulsoe.

Correspondence to:

Parish Clerk: 3, Compton Court, Moulsoe. MK16 0HQ

The names of the parish councillors and their telephone numbers are shown on the two village notice boards. But in case residents wish to keep this information to hand for quick reference this opportunity is being taken to set out their names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Moulsoe Parish Council

                                                Web site:

Councillors as at 1st June 2012.                                                   

Robin Kingham.        Chair.             01908 616033

Nigel Richards.   Deputy chair      01908 217766                                                         

Nicola Crush                                     07947 634840

Chris Oakley-Holton                        01908 617722

Steve Waters.                                  M-  0786 955 2611 or 01462 659000

Parish clerk:
Peter Bloomfield.                            01908 612979

Parish meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of every other month
in the Millennium Hall at 8pm but these dates may change from time to time.
Please note that notices confirming the date and time of meetings will be displayed on the village notice boards and web site.